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Taking Family Planning Services to the Workplaces

Today, working couples are faced with a challenge of lack of time to access family planning (FP) counselling, knowledge, services and making product choices. Work place activations are intended to reach the working couples at their work places with information, products and services to enable them make informed choices on the various family planning products and services. FP at the workplace targets corporate entities, factories, and markets since the nature of work in these places leaves many without time to go for FP services. Up to 70% of the FP workplace activations are tagged with service delivery. Where service delivery is not possible, the clients are referred to the nearest Good Life or Profam clinic. During the month of June, 2016, nine factories & three markets in Kampala, Masindi and Hoima had FP activations, reaching 610 individuals directly. Out of those, 152 were served with different FP methods including Injectaplan (52), PilplanPlus (44), Implanon (47), Jadelle (4) and IUDs(5).

“I use Injectaplan because it gives me less burden as compared to pills. I am aware of side effects and have experienced some spotting but this has never altered my periods completely. I also know where to go just in case I need further help. I also find this method cheaper because I get my Injectaplan shots from Bulima clinic for only 2,000/=.” Mary Kabwonaise, Kitalizi Market, Masindi.

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