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Providing Mama Kits to Improve Quality of Care in 310 Faith-based Facilities

It’s estimated that 6 in 10 Ugandans receive health services from private health facilities. This underscores the important contribution the private health facilities make to health service delivery in Uganda. Faith based facilities comprise a significant portion of the private health facilities in the country.

Uganda Health Marketing Group (UHMG) works with the Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB), the Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB), the Uganda Moslem Medical Bureau (UMMB), and the SDA faith based medical centers, through their health coordinators, to provided Maama Kits to the different faith based health facilities. Mama Kits are clean delivery packs containing essential tools used on the delivery table in a labour ward. St. Francis Nursing and Maternity Home Mutungo is a health centre III, well known for its good maternity services, under the UCMB in Nakawa Division, Kampala district. It is managed by a senior midwife with three other support staff. The facility conducts its antenatal clinics every Tuesday. On average, St. Francis Clinic receives up to 10 new antenatal patients weekly.

On Tuesday June 7, 2016, one of the women, Aidha Nakyeyune (with red shoes in picture), had come with labour pains and was transferred to the labour ward immediately with her Maama Kit. A few hours later, she gave birth a baby girl.“I am grateful for the excellent service I have received and I thank the Clinic for the services given to other women.” Aidha NakyeyuneTo date, UHMG has distributed a total of 16,920 cartons in 310 health facilities country wide. Maama Kits improve the quality of care but also motivate many women to go for antenatal visits and deliver from a health facility. “On behalf of Namuyenje Health Center, we would like to thank UHMG for the 40 boxes of Maama Kits that we received.” Esther Nanyunja, Namuyenje Health Centre.

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