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Reaching the Urban Women with PillplanPlus

UHMG is the Home of the The Bride and Groom Expo is an annual event organized by the Vision group. The event is organized to attract women and men planning to have weddings. The event also brings together all major service providers to showcase their wedding ideas to the general public. This year, the 8th edition of the 3-day Bride and Groom expo that was held on June 24 – 26, 2016 attracted over 10,000 visitors at the Uganda Manufactures Association (UMA) show grounds.

Using the PilplanPlus brand, UHMG sponsored the event to create awareness and promote family planning commodities among women & men of reproductive age. This activity was managed by the UHMG team led by Paul Lemi and Catherine Nabumba. The event sold 1,050 cycles of PilplanPlus, 21 vials of Injectaplan, 25 pieces of Moon Beads, 78 pieces of Condom O. Up to 18 clients were referred to Biva Maternity Home, A Good Life Clinic for long term family planning methods. Media messages were estimated to have reached 8 million people.

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