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We are happy, family planning was long overdue for us

In the middle of a maize plantation next to a forest reserve of very nice looking pine trees, you find the home of Bilali Magoola. Bilali, 40, married Nulu Nakagolo over 15 years ago. They have 11 children together and live a purely peasant lifestyle. You can never be confident that you will find a household until you get assurance from a native that you are on track to find a homestead.

On the invitation of a village health team member (VHT), Bilali and some of his children came to an outreach organised by UHMG in partnership with the district health office team. They came to receive general health check-ups expecting antibiotics only. Bilali was however told about family planning services available, something that excited him and he led us to his home where we met the wife. The wife was counselled and accepted to take up implanon for 3 years.

“If we had earlier known about family planning the way do now, we would have a relatively smaller family.” Bilali. The couple is however much more interested in a permanent method like tubal ligation and has been reffered for the same. “I almost died giving birth to our baby, the 11th child. I have to stop completely.” Nulu.

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