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UHMG in Melbourne for the International AIDS (IAS) Conference, July 20 - 25, 2014

UHMG does not only lead in health communication and social marketing locally, the world is convinced that our interventions and innovations are a source great lessons to be benchmarked and even replicated elsewhere on the planet. We contribute to new knowledge in addressing the prevalent public health challenges of humanity. When our abstract “Using Innovative Strategies to Provide HIV/AIDS Services to Key Populations in Uganda” was accepted by the International AIDS (IAS) conference that was held in Melbourne Australia, July 20-25, 2014, it became clear that our innovations in addressing public health challenges are contributing to new knowledge in the realm of HIV prevention. We have since learnt that uptake of HIV services is enhanced by integrating the cocktail of these activities in a one-stop centre especially in the hard to reach areas. The Safe Sailing Boat model also makes it possible for the fisher folks to access HIV prevention and care services while moonlight camps effect ively reach comercial sexual workers (CSWs) and truckers. Picture caption: UHMG poster displayed during the IAS Conference July 20-25, 2014, in Melbourne Australia. Many dele-gates thronged to learn something from our innovations.

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